Developed by Miguel López.

This game is a submission for the II Molab Game Jam.

This is a local multiplayer game.

Basic idea: The players have to press the opposite direction that is shown on the screen.

Rules are simple:

  • The first player in press the correct direction wins a point. Be Quick!
  • Press a wrong direction makes that player lose a point.


PLAYER 2Up arrowDown arrowLeft arrowRight arrow
PLAYER 38 Numeric pad5 Numeric pad4 Numeric pad6 Numeric pad

Game modes:

  • Training: No win or lose conditions, just play.
  • Normal: First player with 50 points wins the game.
  • Time Attack: Player with most points where the time is over wins.
  • Last man standing: If a player misses, is eliminated. The last one without mistakes is the winner.


  • Choose the number of players (1,2 or 3). 1 player should only be played for training.
  • Activate Double inversion mode. Activating this option makes each target have a 20% chance to change the background color to red. If this happens, the players have to press the direction of the target, not the inversion.
StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity


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Simple pero entretenido. Recuerda a los ejercicios de Brain Training!